CHI Ceramic 1" Flat Iron, Original Model


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CHI Ceramic 1" Flat Iron is the #1 selling flat iron in the professional beauty industry today.  It gets your hair pefectly straightened while adding shine. 1" slim plates allow you to straighten, curl, bend, flip and spiral your hair. Heats up fast in a few seconds;it is ready when you need it.
Ceramic Heat and Negative Ions - ceramic plates and coils to maintain even temperature all the time, seal the cuticle, repel humidity, lock in hair color and retard fading. Ceramic heat will ensure the penetration of the silk molecules to the hair.
Ergonomically Designed - 10-ft heavy duty, 360 degree swivel electrical cord to prevent tangling. Lightweight, On/Off switch on the inside to prevent accidental turn off.
Power - Flash Heating 150-180 degrees in 6-10 seconds, squeeze sensitive = tighter squeeze will direct more ceramic heat to the hair, saves energy - CHI only uses 20-25 watts of electricity.
Versatile - For straight looks, flips, curls, dreadlocks, crimping and to prepare dry hair cuts.
Safe - Circuit breaker for safety, space age installation = heat is only produced to the ceramic plates, exterior will be only warm, not hot.

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